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The title says it all.

Sorry to myself for not blogging enough. I'm currently joining forces with Mak.

Both of us love handicrafts and jewelery. So... Instead of buying them, we're now making bracelets and selling them for a change!

love + passion + a little bit of work = $$$

We sell for around RM18 and RM20 (depends on the size and quality of the beads). Usually people would sell them for RM25. So our price suits students who want to pamper themselves a bit and needs to budget their expenses as well. (Plus, I let my friends book a few because PTPTN belum masyuk lagiii... ) I sold 2 already and I have to make another 2 custom-made bracelets for my classmates. - DONE!

NEW IDEA: I thought of including our beadworks in Al-Fareeda Bazaar. Pre-order. Where our customers can choose which design and colour they wish and order. And after receiving their order, we'll make them the bracelet they want and ship them up the next day. Good idea, eh?

FYI, Last night, I designed one bracelet, if you wear it, it'll look as if there are butterflies around your wrist. *proudness*

Well, that's all for now, dearies.. I have to finish the 2 bracelets, get ready and go to class in less than an hour. *sigh*

P/S - I'll post some photos here later. - DONE!

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