Ethics Class (Intersession 2009) Photoshoot  

Posted by Sue

Not all came to class yesterday, but I thought if maybe the whole class would attend this morning's session, I'd like to bring the camera this morning and snap a few photos.

I completely forgot about bringing a tripod... *sigh* But by looking on the bright side, that would mean MORE PHOTOS! Hihiii~ These are a couple of the photos we AI-ans took (I'm too lazy to post all of them out =P):

(click for a larger view)

This class was one of the best classes that I've ever taken. Hmm.. I never had a short-semester (we call it intersession) classes that was not both fun and educational. Alhamdulillah... They're not a waste of the larger amount of money I paid (in comparison with what we usually pay during normal semesters). So I wanted to keep some memory in the form of digitized photos for this class.

I don't know about everyone else. But to me, it was a fun photoshoot... for the 6 of us, at least! ;P

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nk gmbr.....
gmbr yg de aku je ek.....
send kat email nie -->
sok, aku x dtg sbb ptg tu de test 2 network.....

ic. insyaAllah kalo dpt attachkan gambar2 tu. sbb internet kat umah aku prob sket bab attach file besar2 ni. hehe~ so kalo xdpt, aku pass kat ko pakai pendrive jela.

apakah itu ethic class? blaja pe?

ethics class tu blaja pasal isu etika, sosial & professional dalam bidang kita, IT. penting sangat2 subjek ni. basically subjek ni pasal guideline between what's right and wrong. banyak la kes & debate pasal masalah2 mcm cyber-terrorism, political hacking, privacy, music piracy. masa keje nati pun akan timbul masalah2 mcm copy license satu software ni ke 5 computer yg lain la. etc.. menarik sgt blaja pasal ethics. makes u perah otak and think. hehe~ especially dengan lecturer yg best! ;)

shin chan muke gedix! hahahaha

ko x tgk gambar laen lagi, hanin. tgk la kat facebook. ahahaha

sue...mau gamba yg rmai2...
mane die?
ani pon tnye..

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