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It's only 1 wedding actually...

For your information, 3 of my seniors and 2 of my batch-mates from Diploma (each of them gave birth to a baby girl) are already married.

This is one of the weddings that I went to...

Ah, I love weddings. The atmosphere is filled with good 'ol reverie and novelty (another word for newness). I'm absolutely fond of anything new. Newly weds, newborn babies, a new day, new books, new dresses, new shoes, new bags, newly withdrawn money... erkk~ back to the topic!

I went to a senior's wedding yesterday - Kak Suhaiza & Chot. She looked beautiful and radiant. It was a spectacular event, held at Damansara Heights Community Center (I had to drive that morning to search for the place because I was not familliar with it and had no map due to the absence of the invitation card. huhu~ thank goodness it's just 20 minutes drive away from my house). The theme was white and blue. I especially love the blue coloured lychee drink (even though I was totally aware that the blueness was made by colouring agent) and the Pelamin, of course. hehe~ At all of the weddings I've attended, I'd be observing the Pelamin first. This one was one of the garden weddings type of Pelamin.

We had fun meeting 2 of our friends that we haven't seen for a while. We had most fun during taking photos using a borrowed DSLR.

The Kebaya that I'm wearing in the pictures is my favourite formal dress despite the fact that I only wore it 4 times - during graduation, dinner at UiTM Hotel, my Ayah's company dinner, and for this wedding. I don't want people to have the impression that I have nothing else to wear. :P

I simply love this photo:

another great day... ;)

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obviously, tgh tgu habis degree.. :p

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