When I was younger...  

Posted by Sue

One day, I had nothing to do. I decided to scan and edit some old photos of moi...

I think I should turn this (which is actually my sister's new) laptop off... It's raining quite heavily despite the El Nino.

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ahaha.. zaman2 bengong. come to think of it. skrg pon masih bengong gak. :p

skang bengong tapi dah matured sikit lah kannn . hahaha . teringt dulu u ade buat performance mase family day kat penang . ingat lagi takk ?

tqa: lupela. yg men gitar tu ke? dengan kak win ek? :p xde plak gambar time tu..

wan: tikus sepak gigi tu. hahaha~

eh bukan bukannn . yang tym u men gitar dgn kak win tu mase dekat kuching kan .

hihi.. tak ingat lor.. banyak kali nek pentas, perform tak bes pon.. xnk ingat sbb malu. kekeke~

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