Kenapa Tuhan ciptakan nyamuk?  

Posted by Sue

Psst... The title above translates to "Why do God create mosquitoes?".

I might sound like a 5 year-old. But really, this question has been stuck inside my head for days. It's actually because I couldn't get a good night's rest because of the agony of bearing all the mosquito bites I've been having for the past week. And all my life, God forgive me, I have been whining a lot about them. That's why I've been thinking why did God create these organisms called mosquitoes. When I was younger, I thought angrily that all mosquitoes do was torment me and their bites resulted in me scratching my skin and leave ugly bite marks all over my body.

But now, I realised the uglier fact that we could get diseases such as dengue, malaria, (once there was) the Japanese Encephalitis J.E. and et cetera. So, in my opinion, there's a good reason behind the creation of mosquitoes besides being the source of food for many kinds of animals. Mosquitoes transmit diseases! And that's a good thing? Well... If we humans never get sick, we tend to forget who we are to Allah, that we are only His subjects. It is His way of reminding us that we are not supreme beings and being sick automatically remind us of death. Muslims believe that being sick means that our small sins are being forgiven. Senang cite, penyakit mengingatkan manusia kepada keinsafan.

He made mosquitoes survive since the very beginning of time and it'll be likely to survive until the end, with His will, of course. We can make a conclusion that mosquitoes cannot easily face extinction due to their nature - they fly, they mate on air and lay eggs easily on water. So no matter how many you smack to their oh-so-sudden death, there will still be more mosquitoes coming to have more bites on you!

I believe in Allah SWT. I believe He creates all things for a reason and He has plans for each and every one of us, and they too happen for reasons in which we may or may not understand.


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