E-Shopping Wish List  

Posted by Sue

herkk~ I'm so into shopping online now. I wish I have tons and tons of money to buy these:

  1. Arabian Abaya
    Two options:
    • from Miss Abaya [RM180]
      The site looks inactive for a while - lots of questions from customers are left unanswered. I'll email later to ask about the details on this gorgeous piece:

    • from Maratussolehah Abaya [RM245]
      The length of Abaya that complements my height is 53".Notice the Abaya on the mannequin looks body fitting? They pinned something behind the Abaya. Hmm, I wonder why...Sleeve design options:

  2. Arabian Saree Shawl from Multi Top Shop [RM12 only!]

Beautiful, aren't they? *sigh* too bad I have to really control my spendings right now...
(to be continued... :p )

Would you be so kind to buy them for me? *makes bright sappy eyes*

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gorgeous tp kan sure x der size ctnyer...not fit.ct 2 short...hu3 cedih

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