Excuses Excuses Excuses!  

Posted by Sue

Sorry for not posting frequently. Do you have time for excuses? If No is your answer, skip to number 6.

  1. I don't have my laptop with me at all times - only during weekends, and that only if my brother comes back from Melaka, and that also depends on when his friend comes back.
  2. I'm enjoying the company of little Amer in the house. Oh, I LOVE the scent of babies!
    [P/S - I love doing my dad's Mamma Mia (repeated kisses) to Amer. I pity Amer for being so adorable and he has to endure every minute with me.]
  3. I have 3-hour classes on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Short-course thing. I'm studying 'Social, Ethical and Professional Issues in Information Technology' and my lecturer is really cool and has this radiance because her baby bump. How cool is that?!!
  4. I had a 4 day cold and fever. I was dead afraid of being infected by AH1N1 (in case you didn't know - it's swine flu; Google it! ) so I quarantined myself on bed with-OUT going ANY-where at all and swallowed a few types of medicine according to the doctor's prescription and I ended up being light-headed and only eat when it is time to take my medicine and sleep most of the time and wake up when I have to take my medicine... When I was awake, I feel like the world is taking a twirl and my eyes went all blurry.
    Now I'm feeling kind of weird. I feel so tired all the time, even after sleeping. So this is what a drug addict feels like? This is what medications give me, so that's why I normally do NOT eat them. I'd just go to the doctor just to know if I'm alright. That's all. *wide innocent grin*
  5. I've just submitted my first assignment. It was late. Really late, because I couldn't get access to the URL my lecturer gave to the whole class. I was the only one who failed to do so, but my assignment was ready to be submitted 2 days ago. (Excuses, again?)
    I asked my friend again for the URL and guess what? I only have to chang its610 to all caps, and I managed to submit my assignment! What a silly mistake... Silly Sue.
  6. I'm sorry for being so lazy to update my blog! T_T
I can't keep up with the time. Gah~ I have 7 reviews on 7 different articles to submit on Monday! NOoooOOoooooooo!!!!!!

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