FYP: Decisions.. Decisions..  

Posted by Sue

I have to develop an intelligent system for my final year project. This coming semester I have to make a proposal on my thesis. From the very start, I had trouble on choosing a topic. I'm always like this. Indecisive, because of fear of choosing a wrong choice and forgoing the better choice. Well, I have to sacrifice something, but I have to really think about the choices I have. Their pros and cons...

So, my artificial neural networks lecturer messaged me and asked if I have a supervisor already or not. And he said he has this project title - "Online Thesis Supervision Using Data Mining Technique". And the one I came up with was very vague - "Speech Emotion Recognition Using ____ Technique" (Please fill in the blanks). Haha... I have yet determined a technique to be used for it. *lazy grin*

Well, wish me luck on making a decision on my project title! And that obviously will require a massive amount of RESEARCHING over and OVER again!

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