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Posted by Sue

I'm quite meticulous on the condition of my studying area. Currently, I have to really have to study to the extreme for my coming exams because the fact that all six (yes, six [6]) of my final exam papers are all crammed into just 8 days. Hence, I almost do not have gaps between my papers. *sigh sigh sigh*

So, in order to maximise my inputs for my review of all 6 subjects, I need my study area to be tip-top! These are the things I need:

  1. A good typist chair – the most important thing, ever, that I need whenever I study! It’s to prevent back and neck pains during the hours and hours long of studying.
  2. My laptopI'd listen to some classical music while I'm studying. Sometimes I refer to digital notes and past semester exam questions. Also, I’d look through the Internet to find answers I can’t find in books. My notes, assignments and projects are all stored in here. I'd simply DIE without my laptop!
  3. Calendar I need to keep track of assignment/project deadlines and how much time I have left until my next paper during this week.
  4. Abundant of stationeries – I want to be the type of person who’s always prepared, just in case. People still call my pencil case “Poket Doraemon”!
  5. Water bottle – It’s always summer here in Malaysia. But sometimes it gets so hot that I – a native Malaysian – could not bare the heat. So I have to keep a bottle full of water near me and drink plenty of water so that I don’t get dehydrated easily. I also placed a bottle of body lotion nearby my desk. If you can see, it’s on the orange striped box.
  6. Post-its , cue cards and highlighters – essential items to make these cute notes! (The cue cards are actually plain coloured name cards, which I bought at Jusco for just RM4.50.)

  7. A bit of entertainment – sometimes, I play my sunset coloured guitar in order to reduce stress.

So let’s hope I am always in the mood to study.

CGPA is just a number but I know I have the potential of getting 3.50, or perhaps more, when I am at my best! It really gets me when certain things keep holding me back from doing my best. I know blaming the past is not going to make me feel better about my performance this semester. I need to let go of the past and concentrate on the future… I want to achieve my goal, that is to get first class (CGPA 3.50) when I graduate next year, insyaAllah!

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